3. October 2023

EthCC6: Ethereum Community Rallies for Pivotal Discussion on Post-Shanghai Landscape

• EthCC6, the largest annual European Ethereum conference, will return this July in Paris, France.
• The event will bring together top minds in the Ethereum community to discuss the post-Shanghai upgrade and pre-MiCa landscape.
• This year’s event will introduce new elements that highlight ideas and projects with great potential.

EthCC6 Returns to Paris

EthCC (Ethereum Community Conference), the largest annual European Ethereum conference created for the community, by the community, will return for EthCC[6] from 17-20 July 2023 in Paris, France. The event aims to bring together thought leaders of the Ethereum ecosystem to share their vision of its future.

Post-Shanghai and Pre-MiCa Landscape

The conference follows recent successful execution of the Shanghai Upgrade and upcoming danksharding upgrade in fall which is projected to boost Ethereum’s scalability. Following these events marks a pivotal moment for the Ethereum network as it continues on its journey towards becoming more scalable and secure.

A Watercooler For New Ideas

EthCC has been a “watercooler” for new ideas that have helped push the envelope of growth within the space. With major shifts such as The Merge and Shapella Update having taken place since last edition, this year’s conference hopes to introduce new elements that continue to showcase ideas with great potential.

Record Amount Of ETH Deposited

 Despite challenging market conditions recently seen in April with staked ETH withdrawals enabled, record amounts of ETH have been deposited demonstrating strong commitment by developers and enthusiasts alike towards building up the Ethereum ecosystem.


 With all these exciting changes happening within Ethereum, this year’s EthCC[6] strives to be a nurturing ground for budding talent and projects that can help propel further innovation within decentralized finance sector as well as other blockchain applications going forward